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Are you Dancing?

And I'm back !! Given my Blog a real long dry phase. Its pay-back Time.
        Everyone speaks about Finding Your Passion. Well one such discovered Passion in me is Dancing. Also known as "Dreaming on Your Feet". The Academy I dance with , very familiarly known as Shiamaks Dance Institute of Performing Arts, literally Believes in "Have Feet, Will Dance". Anyone and Everyone can dance! I believe it too. Dont you? I mean think about it? Right now you might think sober and straight ( Thats when your guards are up).... But You know that when you've had a little too much to drink, your body has a mind of its own. So I wont be surprised if your unaware of the Dancer in You.
           In todays times, People generally are amidst stress and tension about the various situations in Life. But every once in a while, You might wanna let loose, Let your Hair down and let your body do the talking. And what a feeling it is. Your a different person RIGHT there, the FREE YOU.!! I mean you can take this up like Bathroom Singing. Yes ! Don't give me that look that you dont sing in the Bathroom. I've been watching.
  So likewise, you can close your door, put on some loud likeable music and just dance. Dont think about how others would like for you to dance. For that matter don't even let the mirror be judgemental. Its you , only you.
     I usually suggest music that has meaning and lyrics that are uplifting and lively. You know what I'm talking about. The strum of that Guitar or the tone of the Piano mixed with THAT voice ; just creates a connection doesnt it? I believe there is a Dancer in all of us. All we gotta do is recognise it and let it out every once in a while.
           Life is Short or Long, who cares. What matters is NOW ! What are you Doing NOW ?. And remember, You Create the World YOU Live in ! So Create your Wonderland, Your Heaven, Your Palace,Your Stage ; You get the point .

Until next time,
As said by Paula Abdul- "Dance like there's no tomorrow"

Peace !!


  1. Have Feet...Will Dance!!! Dancing with Starrssss! Woohhooo! Nice Post Bro! Im Glad your back on your spot! ;-)

  2. I couldn't agree with you more when you say - "what a feeling it is !! Your a different person RIGHT there !!! The FREE YOU.!!"
    Hell YEAH! =D

    Its so nice to meet people who understand that special feeling that takes over..after a rush of some super dance its spiritual. I can truly say that after any dance session, not only do I feel awesome, but there is a feeling of clarity in my thoughts, perspective, everything!! An unbeatable energy flow! Do you feel the same too?

    The simple things of life really do bring in the hugest possible joys!

    Totally ditto - "Dance like there's no tomorrow"

    Keep on dancing Romit! <3 & keep on posting too ;) Cheers

  3. Dancing and expression come hand in hand... or rather foot and hand together.:) There's always that impending question of what IS dance and what ARE those steps? Who is to decide what those steps are to even qualify as 'dance' per se.

    Movement and moving are the words I symbolize and feel through strongly! The power through ones movements is something so personal that one cannot even manage to put into words what it is exactly. In all fairnes how tough is it to be able express verbally with such a meaninful 'non-verbal' form????

    The rush you speak of after a dance session is pure strength from within.I felt that way after going for a contact improvisation class last year, it wasn;t about the movement for me but about the energy that was released. It was that untapped, unsorted energy. I have always been concious about how I look when I 'dance'.. still am..but this was movement that just moved me. It was eating from the energies around me to find my own.

    I see me rambling on like a post by itself.. to sum it all up though !Romit... I agree in the power of movement.. I agree in the power of dance. It's something that only can be felt truly and sincerely by yourself. The rest around you are merely those that are still trying to find the energy within.

    ~! “You don't wake up one morning and say, I will become a dancer. You wake up one morning and realize you've been a dancer all your life...and you say to yourself, I am a dancer. I am dance. I am life.” - Susan Botney~!! :)

  4. Kudos to u............. this piece of writing so clearly shows your passion for dancing......... awesm........ keep it up............ nw even m thinking to start


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