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Keep it Simple

We read and hear so much about how to Live Life and all that Jazz. But how much of it do we even Apply or more importantly Comply with.
I am talking from a Perspective maybe General to all, maybe not. Can you imagine if there was a Book with a Title," The Life Manual", and all you had to do was read it and follow 100% and Life would be Perfect. Wouldnt that be Great? ...... Well I agree to disagree !!
If that was the case, there probably wouldnt be much difference between us,, More importantly its not practical in the World were living today.
That is why we have Millions of Books written by Different Authors in Ways all Different, but with one Common Perspective-- Contribution. Contribution to Mankind, Contribution to Us, Contribution to Change !!
There is no one Formula to Change.... But Change itself could be Your Formula to Growth...
As a wise man said," If you want something you have never got, You must be WILLING to do something you've never Done"...
Initially t…