Monday, April 26, 2010

Friendship Private Limited

Can you imagine a Life with no Social Being? Its almost impossible. You are practically socialising since the day you were born when your parents did the whole baby talk with you. From that day onwards we come across PEOPLE like ourselves, yet different. I believe everyone you meet leaves some kind of impression on you and vice-versa. And the summary of these impressions forms an Experience with which we grow up. Its a serious thought. A friend very close to me once said, that we are an average of the six people we spend the most time with. If I were you, at this moment, I would be thinking of who those 6 people were. Are you with me?
      Influence. Such a strong word. If you look back into your past and retrospect, you will find certain experiences that taught you or changed you, for the better or worse ofcourse. I remember my Parents being worried when I was in School, wanting to know who my friends were. Why? Because my character reflected my company to a great extent. And as I grew mature and understanding towards my surroundings I realised the Importance of having the Right People around me. No surprises that a point came where my Parents were more appreciative of my friends (ofcourse everyone has their share of flaws as well).
         Coming to the point, that, you should choose your friends wisely. Especially the six people you spend the most time with. Would you want to be like someone who has bad habits, no ambition and disrespects life's offerings OR Would you want to be Positive, Passionate and Proud of the person you are? Think about it. I look at all the successful people today that I read about and I find one such characteristic common, and that is Knowing who your real Friends are? Do they uplift you or do they provoke you? Are they selfish or self-less? Are they friends? or mere Acquaintances?.
          Small Things Make Big Differences. Everything beings with a Thought. Hope I could help lay down a platform to think from.

P.S.- Friendship is not being selfish. Its recognising who has his hand around you, and who doesnt.

God Bless.

Love All,...................Marry One ! (Haha)

To Friendship !



  1. amazing....................never knew this side of yours............. a really interesting article which makes you to ask yourself many questions fr which d answers are hidden within yourself............

  2. Buddy nice article.. Got a little lost in the middle but the subject was good and more importantly the matter was relevant.

    Yep finally have something to think abt after this post.

    The best part of the article was : Friendship is not being selfish. Its recognising who has his hand around you, and who doesnt.

    Thats an apt closing line 4 the article.. Nice start.

    Looking forward to your next post..

  3. hey nice 1 ya....
    never thot u wud b such a gud bloggr...
    keeep postin n feedin us wid such nice articles...