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Lover's Handicap

Affairs, Relationships, Courtships, call them whatever you want, sooner or later we all experience the varied trysts of love. Rarely does it happen that our first lover stays our last lover. Love is an Event and Loving the Journey.

As Oxford calls it, " a strong feeling of affection", Love, hits everyone.  Boy meets Girl, Attraction, Phone Numbers, Dates, Relationship, Kiss, Anniversary,Arguments,Break up, Patch up, Break up. Depression. Next. (Sequence of events not defined)

Or something like that. Atleast the stereotype chain reaction looks like that for the majority. Its a graph of ups and downs with elements like Excitement, Happiness and hiccups of Boredom. At times you feel like you finally know what love is all about until you meet the next one. Then again what is Love?

Some one you want to be with when you are alone?
Some one you want to come home to ?
Some one who makes you happy ?
Some one who turns your wrong into right?

Well that seems like being more dependant THAN being more in love. That is definitely not love. Its called being Handicapped !

So do we Find Love or Does Love Happen ? Its actually a mix of both the ingredients. Its only when we ask that we truly recieve.

Does the phrase "Opposites Attract" ring a bell or two? Well I've heard that for years, but when it came to the test, it only drove me away from the person. I believe it takes a commonness to strike a chord of a kind with that someone special before taking the next step. Like having a Friend in your Lover first.

And to top it all what if you and your partner had similar passions. Wouldnt it just be ideal to have a best friend in your partner who shares to a significant extent the same passions as you ? Now thats something to think about.

"You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly."- Sam Keen

To Love and etc. !


  1. hey bro this is simply awesome...!!! and a vry true fct...

  2. Loved it Romit! Absolutely agree with your thoughts...and that quote in the last bit - Bingo!
    posting this on my FB profile now!

  3. "I believe it takes a commonness to strike a chord of a kind with that someone special before taking the next step. Like having a Friend in your Lover first."

    -So true.. I like how you put your thoughts into words.. =)


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