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Dreamer Personified

Hundreds of People from all across America gathered infront of Dr. Martin Luther King to hear his speeech. The speech that began with ," I Have a Dream.... "

When was the last time you believed in your created dream. When was the last time you decided to close your eyes and dream. Or are the only dreams we see,  the ones we experience when we sleep.

As kids, we Dreamt. Everything around us inspired us to dream, Big or Small, regardless. We wanted everything because we so naively believed Everything was ours and all we had to do was Ask.

As we grow older and so-called wiser, what happens to those Dreams we so Passionately Believed in. Does it just unconsciously seep out of our brain cells into thin vapour? or do we just stop Believing because Reality is more easier to digest?

Think Again.

There is a Dreamer in us all. It does not Cost anything to Dream, so why not Dream Big. Nowadays Robots are smarter than Humans. But what differentiates us and Robots, is the ability to DREAM.

Remember, every great invention, every great personality or every great event, was first envisioned in someone's mind. Somebody dreamt it first.  And you are no different.

It doesnt take Money to Make Money. It takes the Courage to Dream Big and then to Commit to Turning YOUR Dream into YOUR Reality. Money is but natural, a by-product of the Process.

I ask of you to take out some time and write down only 10 Dreams you want to Manifest into Reality.

Feels strange doesn't it. Its because we are not used to it. So step out of your Comfort Zone and Embrace your Dreams. And Believe you me, every dream you write down will leave a Million Dollar Smile on your Face.

Dream on , literally.


  1. This whole thing is bringing me back old memories, dude! The feeling is Awesome!


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