Thursday, July 8, 2010

"FI-FA"bulous !!

The Past One Month has engulfed the whole world's attention towards the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Its fascinating to see so much Congruence towards one Sport. Everytime the 2 Countries take Field for a match, the entire Nation is stirred with anticipation and anxiety of the outcome. This is actually the most Emotional time of the Year. With every Win and Loss, there comes Joy and Sorrow, because Nothing Else Matters.

For the First Time in 80 Years, South Africa is hosting the FIFA World Cup and is also known now to be one of the most Courteous and Commendable Hosts over the 8 decades the World Cup has been taking place. Its definitely got Millions of People Blowing Vuvuzuelas to the tunes of Waka Waka. But who would've thought that almost a month into the World Cup, the most experienced and highly ranked squads would be singing a different tune altogether. Its been Quality over Experience this World Cup with the UnderDogs Netherlands surpassing their way up the Tables and joining Viva Espana at the Cliff Hanger. Could never have imagined that World Cup Champions Brasil, Argentina, Italy, France and Germany would become mere Spectators at a given point in time. My sincere regrets to the Losing Gamblers. If only they had heeded the right animal for Psychic Forecasting.

But I really wish to see our country India having a  qualified team in the World Cup. Over a Billion in Population and we cant produce 11 star players. And I thought there were Loopholes, only in the Taxation System. Atleast Mahindra Satyam found some place on the sideline banners this year at South Africa, as consolation.

So Vamos Espana ? or Oranje ?

Paul ???

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