Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Goal is Consitency

Everyone has a goal. Its a Universal fact.

Whether you call your goal, an ambition, a target or a milestone. It all means the same. You have an intention to make something happen.

But do we all achieve our goals ? If you are one of those few who do, then kudos to you. But for the remaining lot, lets empathize.

Lets backtrack from that feeling of remorse and sadness of not having achieved our goal yet. And dig into the roots.

First things first is having a Goal. Dont you feel excited and exhilirated just by the thought of this Goal. The smile across your face merged with the potential efforts required to make it happen. The more Challenging the goal, the more the Rush.

Man is a Needy-Greedy animal.  And its because we have an insatiable appetite for the material and non-material, we DESIRE more and more from life as we go on.

But why is it that these Exciting goals we desire , are not met. Why is it that we see the Finish Line, and yet are not able to cross it. What happens on the path to attainment?

Especially when in most cases we have a clear idea of what it takes to achieve our goals.

Well, whats missing in this Equation is the Variable called Consistency. Not to sound too mathematically correct, but a variable is an element, feature, or factor that is liable to vary or change.

In lay mans, it means that, when we start out to pursue our goal, somewhere down the road we lose focus or motivation. Result of which leads us to side-track. And before its too late our Desire turns into Doubt.

Next time you aim to make something happen, just MAKE IT HAPPEN, period.

A goal , like every race, has a start, a fixed track and a finish. If not run, walk, but stay on the track.

The Goal is Consistency !