Monday, May 31, 2010


How  much do we complain in a day?

From the time we wake up. Supposedly, if we are late for work or a commitment, what is our first reaction ? Lemme guess , " Oh Damn !", "Oh God !", or the all timer " Oh Sh#t !".

Now let me ask you another Question. Immediately after you react, what feelings do you feel? I doubt "Happy" is one of them. It is usually, Anger, Frustration or just Plainly being upset. Whatever it is, Its not Postive.

Now I'll tell you something I heard, " What you Focus on EXPANDS ".

So, when we grumble or complain about something or someone, were actually asking for trouble. Why would you want more of what you dont want. Sounds like a Googly, but Believe you me, successful & happy people, dont complain, blame or justify either.

So if we want to be or atleast feel Happy & Successful, all we need to start with is Abstinence from the same. Are you up for this Challenge?

I DARE you to NOT Complain or Blame for the Next 7 days. And if you do, rectify your complain into an observation. Let me give you an example right here,

Lets say, you asked a friend to pick you up for a 3pm movie. And for an unknown reason he is late and picks you up at 2 : 55. There could be 2 scenarios namely,

a. You shout at him and grumble about how late he was and that you would miss the start of the movie because of him  (Blame). You would feel Anger and Frustration, which again as a reminder, are not Positive Feelings.

Or Another way to react would be

b. You either accept in your mind that he is late, no problem, whats the worst that could happen, you would miss a few minutes of the start. You make an Observation to him, ask him if everything is alright. Find out why he was late.

Now You tell me, in which scenario, would you ENJOY that movie?

Well it doesnt take Rocket Science to figure that out.


Let me know how it works for you in time to come.

To Happiness !

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Definition Love


"Nothing has Meaning, except for the Meaning you give it". Love is a word difficult to define. Then Again, each to their own. For me when I go into flashback, I remember that tingling feeling within me when I would meet that someone special. And the Young immature Romeo that I was, only blinded me further to believe that it was Love.
    As I was gowing up as a young kid, my only outlet to associating any feeling with the word Love, was the love of my parents. And I believe your parents are the root to your understanding of what love is all about. But then again, I am talking about a different kind of love. I know your probably wondering if there are even different kinds of Love. You see what I am talking about. Your Perception is Your Reality.
      Movies had played quite an influence on me as a kid. It was like my Love- Ed(ucation). From the way the couple would meet, their courtship, the way they kissed and etcetra and etcetra. And Hollywood was like the Harvard for Love-Ed. But then how will you know if you can swim unless you dive in, right? Everything does look rosy on screen, but you only know what's what in real. I am sure we have all had our encounters with Love. I heard the phrase that you can fall in love only once in your life. But when Love happened to me, it just happened again and again and again. I am grateful to all those girls who embraced my percieved Love for they taught me what Love could be. Every Experience was no doubt different in the most beautiful and memorable way, that every now and then when I take a walk down memory lane, I ponder to find myself smiling.
     Although I do see people I know finding it difficult to fall in love again. For its challenging to overcome a certain past experience. And its not that I have not been hurt myself. But with time, I chose to take the Positive out of my Relationship and learn from the Negative. And move on. Whats the point of holding on to the past when its "IN THE PAST". What matters is your Now and Tomorrow. And I believe every day can be a new beginning with or without your partner.
     I have learnt alot from the Beautiful Human Beings I have had the pleasure of courting. And one learning I would like to share is that , " Love is what you Make of it, period". Do not place your Love affair at par with Stereotypical Norms. If you feel Love, then just Love. I have Loved from the bottom of my heart every time only because I felt it strongly from within. There is no such thing as "Enough Love" or "75% Love".
Love All,

Merci ;)

P.S. - Your Comments are Valuable.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Family- Your Root to Unconditional Love & More

What comes to your mind, when I say the word Family? Love ? Upbringing? Life? or it could unfortunately be the opposite for some as well. Well whatever it is, its really important to acknowledge what lies behind this one magnificent word.
Family- Your reason to exist. Agree? No options there. Well I've realised over a period of time the importance of mine. Whether your the only child like me or whether you have siblings, it doesnt really make much difference in how one should respect his parents. Whatever happens in Life, your parents, being your core family will always be around. My father infact says, that you cannot trust anyone as much as you can trust your family. The phrase, " Blood is Thicker than Water" ring a bell ?.
Whatever I am today, I am hugely grateful to them for supporting me and giving me the upbringing I have. Everyone would have their own perspectives here. Respect that. From the time you learnt how to walk to being fed your first cerelac. The love being so unconditional then, as we graduate through school where are interactions with non-family members a.k.a class mates takes place. Parents being extremely weary at this point, wanting to know who your friends are, so that you are under the right influence. We all know how crucial that outside "influence" is.
And then before you know it your social life booms. Peer pressure of your friends, latest trends and the all hyped " Are you cool enough" quotient. Arguing with Mum and Dad for extended curfues, inflated allowances and my ultimate faviourite " I want that cell phone ! ". I'm sure we can all relate. Nod your head if you do. But as we grow older and mature through our varied experiences, how does our relationship with our parents change? For all that they have done for us, we are indebted to them eternally. And how do you think is the best way to repay their efforts and sacrifices? Just make them proud of who you become. Simple. More than the Retirement Holidays you give them, is the Moral Support and Unconditional Love you return.
Golden Thumb Rule being never to do anything to disrespect them.
Its never too late. You'll encounter hundreds of people in life, most will come and go. Its a selfish world. But your Parents will always love you, now and forever. Cherish what you have before you set out to achieve what you dont have.

God Bless.

To Love !