Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Keep it Simple

We read and hear so much about how to Live Life and all that Jazz. But how much of it do we even Apply or more importantly Comply with.

I am talking from a Perspective maybe General to all, maybe not. Can you imagine if there was a Book with a Title," The Life Manual", and all you had to do was read it and follow 100% and Life would be Perfect. Wouldnt that be Great? ...... Well I agree to disagree !!

If that was the case, there probably wouldnt be much difference between us,, More importantly its not practical in the World were living today.

That is why we have Millions of Books written by Different Authors in Ways all Different, but with one Common Perspective-- Contribution.
Contribution to Mankind, Contribution to Us, Contribution to Change !!

There is no one Formula to Change.... But Change itself could be Your Formula to Growth...

As a wise man said," If you want something you have never got, You must be WILLING to do something you've never Done"...

Initially to me Everythin I read was Complicated, Cliched and Confusing.... And too much of information does tend to do that.

Keep it Simple.

Read what you relate to, Comply with what you Accept and Implement what you Believe in.!!

Your Future is a Summary of what you Repeatedly do Daily.

If you've never Failed, you've never Lived.....

Success is Simply (You + Change)

so Think Again....

Happy Days !!


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Think Again…

Firstly, I appreciate you taking out your precious time to read my very first blog.

It has always been a Dream to write my thoughts and share them with everyone. Finally after few years of procrastination , here it is.

if your wondering,.. why “Think Again”, …. I’ll explain..

But first you need to ask yourself one question..

Do you BELIEVE that you can be, do or have anything you want in Life ?..

I know it’s a heavy question for starters, but an important life-altering one.

When we are young ,not only are we innocent and playful,but were also Believers…
Ask a 5 year old his dreams,, and you’ll automatically know where his Beliefs lie.. am I right or am I right?..

Children are born innocent unaffected by the reality checks of Life… They smile like they don’t understand frowning,, play like the world is their playground and dance like they’ve won “Who wants to be a MIllionnaire”….

Well.. Guess what,..... WE come from the same origin!..... but... whats changed?...

If your with me, nod your head…
As we grow older, our beliefs change in order to suit our circumstances.

Our once upon-a-time Dreams become directly proportional to the sizes of our wallets…

In other words…
Reality sinks in…
And we tend to Believe that we have no choice, but to accept it.

But I’ve got a Secret… Make sure you don’t tell anyone..

Here it goes…

Did you see it?... no? !!...

Coz there is no secret….

All we have to do is be Happy all the time, more importantly,,REGARDLESS of our circumstances..

Easier said than done you say…?...

Yes,, we all have Problems……. But we also all have a tendency to react to a problem Differently….

Change the Way you React to the Facts in your Life and Life will Change the Circumstances around You….

It’s a win-win situation..

Hope this was helpful.

Quote:-“ Changes are constant…. So why not change for the Better, anyway “