Sunday, May 9, 2010

Definition Love


"Nothing has Meaning, except for the Meaning you give it". Love is a word difficult to define. Then Again, each to their own. For me when I go into flashback, I remember that tingling feeling within me when I would meet that someone special. And the Young immature Romeo that I was, only blinded me further to believe that it was Love.
    As I was gowing up as a young kid, my only outlet to associating any feeling with the word Love, was the love of my parents. And I believe your parents are the root to your understanding of what love is all about. But then again, I am talking about a different kind of love. I know your probably wondering if there are even different kinds of Love. You see what I am talking about. Your Perception is Your Reality.
      Movies had played quite an influence on me as a kid. It was like my Love- Ed(ucation). From the way the couple would meet, their courtship, the way they kissed and etcetra and etcetra. And Hollywood was like the Harvard for Love-Ed. But then how will you know if you can swim unless you dive in, right? Everything does look rosy on screen, but you only know what's what in real. I am sure we have all had our encounters with Love. I heard the phrase that you can fall in love only once in your life. But when Love happened to me, it just happened again and again and again. I am grateful to all those girls who embraced my percieved Love for they taught me what Love could be. Every Experience was no doubt different in the most beautiful and memorable way, that every now and then when I take a walk down memory lane, I ponder to find myself smiling.
     Although I do see people I know finding it difficult to fall in love again. For its challenging to overcome a certain past experience. And its not that I have not been hurt myself. But with time, I chose to take the Positive out of my Relationship and learn from the Negative. And move on. Whats the point of holding on to the past when its "IN THE PAST". What matters is your Now and Tomorrow. And I believe every day can be a new beginning with or without your partner.
     I have learnt alot from the Beautiful Human Beings I have had the pleasure of courting. And one learning I would like to share is that , " Love is what you Make of it, period". Do not place your Love affair at par with Stereotypical Norms. If you feel Love, then just Love. I have Loved from the bottom of my heart every time only because I felt it strongly from within. There is no such thing as "Enough Love" or "75% Love".
Love All,

Merci ;)

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  1. Love-ly Romit =) how true when you say "If you feel Love, then just Love" there is no stopping your feelings for anything else..and what results is just pure love : Love is its own reward, after all

  2. Bro...I loved the way you wrote this article. It was a re-assurance for many out there to redefine their definition of Love! Keep your Perceptions coming! Cheers!

  3. <3 enough said! :)) Let that movement of love speak for itself.