Monday, April 26, 2010

Cricket + Bollywood = IPL

Cricket and Bollywood. What is India without Cricket and Bollywood? I am sure India can RUN only on the Tax pay outs from these Biggies. Some Actors on Screen and some on Field.. And yet were not just done because guess who follows? Yes, you got that right. Our fellow Politicians.  WoW !! Quite an organised mess !!
         What a Performance , If no one watched though? IPL 3 - Grand Finale Housing 55,000 People in the Stadium and Millions outside. Some Supply and Demand Curve here. With Thousands of Crores in the Rolling; High Stakes, Multi Millionairres and Aspiring Gamblers.  Its like a huge Box Office Movie. Actors being the Cricketers (Male) , Celebs  (Female), Directors being Team Owners and Producers, or should i say PRODUCER. Nonetheless, our very Controversial, Lalit Modi.  I wont be surprised if Ekta Kapoor is already stirring up an IPL conceptualised TV Soap .
                Well,  India's Biggest Entertaining Product has wrapped up tonight. The Winners Take Their Monetary and Emotional Pride, Losers take their Compromising Attitude and the Population; well the people of india, the crazy " I LOVE YOU SACHIN" fans, wait till World Cup T20.
          In short, what does all this have to do with you? Entertainment will remain Entertainment. Create an IPL out of your Life is the WAY TO GO ! Be a PERFORMER and Let others watch you RISE. Living a Fulfilling Dream Realising Life is more Entertaining than Watching Someone else do it.

As Henry Ford says, "If you Think you can or can't, either way your Right"

To Life !!

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